Safety Video Library

Standalone safety videos to simplify any safety meeting

The Safety Ambassador Program also provides a library of standalone safety videos on a variety of safety topics.  Shorter videos for safety meetings are 3 to 5 minutes long.  In-depth training videos range from 10 to 40 minutes long.  Just gather employees, play the video, and train on that topic.  It’s that easy.

Safety Meeting Topics are packaged to provide employers with everything they would need to have a safety meeting. Videos on a variety of workplace-related subjects are paired with a safety meeting handout and safety poster.  Both can be downloaded from the same page where the video is located.

Easily create monthly safety meetings in minutes using SAP’s prepackaged content.  Choose a safety meeting topic and then use the accompanying handout and poster.

Video Library Content

Safety Training Videos

Video communicates safety messages more effectively and quickly than other media. Using video to deliver a safety message will ensure that everyone receives the same message, the same way. With video content, employees understand and recall more of the abstract concepts to keep everyone safe.

Safety Meeting Handout

The safety meeting handout is designed to be a simple form that highlights the key training concepts of the related video.  It provides fillable sections for the meeting facilitator to input key information to record all of the meeting details, including who attended and what topics were discussed.

Safety Poster

Safety posters can be printed for the company safety bulletin board to remind employees about key topics that have been addressed during recent and prior safety meetings. This emphasizes the precautions that employees need to take in order to remain safe in the workplace.

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