Training Days

Structured light-duty work for injured employees.

SAP provides employers with turnkey modified work for injured workers who can’t immediately return to their regular job.  A training day consists of 8 working hours of material*; including quality safety training videos, interactive e-learning activities, and quizzes.  The custom-built platform engages employees as they are led through each session with built-in breaks and rest periods.


SAP training days can be accessed online from anywhere.  All that is required is an internet capable computer, either speakers or headphones, and a comfortable place for the employee to work.  Some states, such as Washington and Oregon, even have programs to reimburse employers if they need to purchase either.

SAP provides employers with a flexible solution for their light duty job needs.  It includes 20 full training days** to provide an injured worker with modified work.

Training Day Content

Safety Training Videos

Visual content is the key to great engagement.  Video has proven to be the most effective form of delivery.  SAP training videos cover topics ranging from work, home, and environmental safety to personal health and well-being.

E-learning Activities

E-learning engages employees through a mix of fun activities that address different learning styles.  Interactive exercises include game show formats, identifying and resolving accident scenarios, and others.

Review Quizzes

A quiz at the end of each hour holds the employee accountable to pay attention to the video and retain basic concepts that were covered. Quizzes are not pass or fail, but measure and reinforce what has been learned.

*The 8 hours of material includes built-in break times to comply with some state regulations. Actual time to complete any given hour will vary depending upon how quickly users can read and answer questions and complete the interactive portions of the program.
**15 days of original content in English with an additional 5 days of content review. We currently have 5 days of Spanish content.
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