We're moving!

The Safety Ambassador Program is becoming Light Duty Pathway!

Light Duty Pathway

is ready for new and existing Safety Ambassador Program customers!

  • Brand new platform
  • Streamlined User Interface
  • Better performance
  • Annual pricing options as low as $37/mo (averaged)
  • Monthly pricing options as low as $44/mo

What's Next?

What if I'm already an SAP customer?

All Safety Ambassador Program customer accounts have already been migrated to Light Duty Pathway. Simply go to the login page and use the “I lost my password” link to reset your password.

Billing information and employee accounts have not been copied over and all subscriptions transferred to LDP are set to manual renewal, so you will not receive a surprise charge from the new platform.

How much does Light Duty Pathway cost?

Light Duty Pathway has a variety of pricing options based on whether you choose to pay annually or monthly and the number of active employee accounts. Accounts can be deactivated when they are no longer needed, freeing up space for new users.

The new platform is more affordable for most users with prices as low as $37/mo (if paid annually). Visit LDP’s Plans & Pricing page for more info.

Current SAP customers should look for emails with details on how their subscriptions were migrated to the new platform.

If you are a third party administrator who is interested providing Light Duty Pathway to your clients, contact us and we may be able negotiate a reduced-price group rate for your members.

Do I have to move my employees to Light Duty Pathway immediately?

No. We have removed the ability to add new employee accounts, but the employee training site for the Safety Ambassador Program will continue to run until July 15.

Because LDP is a completely new system under the hood, employee accounts and records have not been copied over.  You will have until July 15 to download any employee activity reports from the Safety Ambassador Program website.

You are welcome to move your employees over to LDP before July 15, if you’d like. The courses on LDP and SAP are largely the same, so employees will be able to pick up where they left off when switching sites. (see the next question for more details)

If an employee is currently using SAP, can I move them to LDP?

While there is no way to copy an employee account from SAP to LDP, the LDP and SAP content are largely the same and employees will not have to repeat LDP days if they have already completed the corresponding LDP Days.

To have an employee start using LDP, create a new employee account on LightDutyPathway.com using the “Assign Light Duty to New User” button on the employer console. Once the employee is logged into their new account, they can pick up in LDP where they left off in SAP by skipping to the appropriate day (a.k.a. course).

For example, if they finish SAP Day 06, they can use the “Show All Courses” switch to reveal all of their assigned courses and then click “Start” on LDP Day 07.

Please note: the records from work done on SAP will not copy over to LDP.

Is the Light Duty Content the same?

Yes. For the most part, the light duty job content in Light Duty Pathway is the same as the content in the Safety Ambassador Program. We did update the videos and eLearning activities to reflect the new name, and we made a few improvements and minor changes along the way.

How is LDP different from SAP?

In both SAP and LDP, employers create an employee account and assign light duty to it. The employees then log in and work through the light duty days.

However, there are major structural differences between the sites.

  • The software that runs LDP is much more streamlined and integrated. The training program software was written specifically for Light Duty Pathway.
  • We have focused on the light duty product and lowered the base pricing. The video library and standalone video courses will be added as optional features in the future.
  • We changed to a pricing model that is based on the number of active employee accounts. If you only have one or two injured employees at a time, you can choose the lowest tier. If you need more users, you can upgrade at any time. Employee accounts can be deactivated when they are no longer needed, allowing you to add another one to take their spot.
  • There should be no more confusion about where to log in, since employers and employees use the same form to log in.
  • We made a new user interface for Employers that is much more streamlined with the main features all on one page.
  • We made a new user interface for Employees that is much cleaner, requires fewer clicks, and even has a ‘dark mode’ option some may prefer.
  • We’ve changed the way content is delivered to employees, and content should load faster and more reliably.
  • We have a new system for tracking employee’s time that actively checks to see if the browser window is in focus rather than relying on tracking time stamps (no more video ‘stop codes’ like VF, VN, VP, AC, etc).
  • You can now set the time zone for the employee activity reports.

Why is my SAP account "Pending Cancellation"?

As part of the transition to lightdutypathway.com,  we have cancelled all subscription renewals on safetyambassadorprogram.com to prevent you from being billed on the old site. You can continue to use all the features of SafetyAmbassadorProgram.com until your account here expires or June 15, 2020 – whichever comes first. After June 15, you will no longer be able to assign light duty work on SAP, but employees will continue to be able to work until July 15.

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