User Activity Reports

Track employee progress through the SAP training day

Daily time stamped reports showing program progress can be accessed through the SAP dashboard.  Employers can track when the employee started a training topic, when they completed, and what training day they are on. This creates employee accountability to the program.

The user reports module provides a central location to view progress reports for multiple users at one time.  Certificates of completion for employees can also be accessed through this panel.  You can choose to simply view or download any and all reports or certificates.

User Activity Reports record activity start and stop times; as well as quiz scores to indicate how much the employee has learned.  Each report is broken down by hour long module to easily see what has been completed and what is incomplete.

Reporting Benefits


User reports are a clearly arranged method to see whether a training day is still in progress or has already been completed, how much time has been spent on completing lessons, and what areas may need reinforcement. This invests only a few minutes by reading a summarized list of all tasks that are done.


In the best-case scenario, a manager does not only read the progress report but also provides feedback to their employee. This way an employee’s work has been acknowledged and the employee can also get direct input on his or her activities.  Feedback shows the employee that they are a valued member of the company.


User reports serve as an excellent documentation for all of the things that your employee did while on alternative work. Documentation can be useful if your injured employee is not cooperating with your efforts to return him or her to work.  User reports can also serve as proof of light duty job requirements.

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