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Provide a light duty job to your injured worker, lower Workers’ Compensation rates, and simplify the process of organizing safety meetings; all with one easy, turnkey solution.

What Is SAP?

What Is SAP?

The Safety Ambassador Program is a platform that provides both a turnkey solution for light duty work for injured workers; as well as a great tool for safety training through standalone videos.

SAP was developed to reduce the cost of Workers’ Compensation claims by reducing time missed from work.

How It Works

How It Works

Using SAP as a light duty job, injured employees watch entertaining and informative safety videos, engage in interactive e-learning activities, and answer review questions in a structured format.

Employers are provided with detailed completion reports to help ensure employee accountability.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Purchase individual training days or an annual subscription. Assign training days to your injured employee and specify where you would like reports sent. Your employee can now log into the training site and begin the program.

Subscription also provides access to the safety video library which can be used for safety training meetings.

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How Can SAP Benefit You?

Cost Savings

Supplying a light duty job to injured workers can help lower Workers’ Compensation costs and maintain insurance discounts. Avoiding time lost from work prevents decreased production and revenue that are caused by employee absences.

Situational Control

Light duty work maintains communication between an injured worker and their supervisor. Built-in accountability measures, including daily time stamped reports showing program progress, ensure employee responsibility.

Employee Engagement

Providing a light duty job keeps injured employees active within the workplace; providing a sense of job security and value.  It also facilitates employee involvement; avoiding the negative and costly side effects that stem from not working.


Speak with a Program Expert to learn more about how SAP can help your business lower Workers’ Compensation Costs.

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